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27 Feb

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While photos are certainly the most important part, if she is not sure about you, the “About” can get you the match.

The key to the “About” section is to come off as normal, without coming across as boring.

David De Angelo is one of the most important names in pickup, because of five simple words: “Attraction is not a choice.” When De Angelo published his seminal work, “Double Your Dating,” it reverberated around the pickup community like a thunderbolt.

Initially, Tinder was first created for American university students. Still, there is no escaping that a picture with a dog is a huge hit on Tinder. If you have a decent picture of yourself with a puppy in it, use it. Creating Your "About" Section Some dudes fill this section out, while some do not.

Either way; Tinder is changing things when it comes to meeting chicks. Initially released in the summer of 2012, Tinder did not take off until the end of 2013. Although, maybe it should as women avoid logic like the plague.

The book outlines what was, for many years, De Angelo’s core approach: “Cocky and Funny.” This idea is so powerful that you’ll see it used by pickup artists everywhere.

Online, you’ll see it abbreviated CF, and its discussed on all the bulletin boards, and used, to varying degrees, by almost all pickup artists.