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14 Apr

The valley is part of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt, with its soils of volcanic origin mostly dating from the Upper Cenozoic.

Mountains sides have tertiary volcanic rock, mostly basalt and andesite along with pyroclastic matter and breaches.

When the construction is set on fire, it becomes a spinning and whirling explosion of color and sound. 1, the souls of people who have passed from the earth return.

One of Mexico's holidays has roots in Aztec tradition. The first night is typically reserved for the souls of children and the second for the souls of adults.

In places as diverse as Patzcuaro, Michoacan and Oaxaca, people fill cemeteries and pass the night with families, burning candles and copal and playing games with children amidst the gravestones.

For travelers, this makes a visit to Mexico City that much easier as examples of the city's Aztec origins and its Spanish colonization can all be enjoyed on foot.

The beating heart of Mexico City is Zócalo - the Plaza de la Constitución (Constitution Square) - where the country's first constitution was proclaimed in 1813.