Tiny tiny rss not updating ninomiya kazunari and asami mizukawa are dating

10 May

nginx web server is not available on the default yum repository, hence you will need to add EPEL repository. Now you will need to install PHP and the required PHP extensions.Tiny Tiny RSS works on PHP 5.4 and the above versions.If you are logged in as non-root user, you can always run Tiny Tiny RSS requires a web server, PHP and a database server to work.In this tutorial, we will be installing nginx as a webserver with PHP and Postgre SQL server as a database server.But using Tiny Tiny RSS to build your own feed reader is still possible with a little patience.Tiny Tiny RSS is a Web application, so you need a Web server that supports PHP and either a My SQL or Postgre SQL database. If you happen to have a Linux server lying around, you are set.It’s actually extremely easy to set up TT-RSS; the team have written some pretty great instructions on how to set it all up.

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It is a web-based news feed reader written in PHP and uses My SQL or Postgre SQL as a database to store its data.Or what if Feedly decide to close their doors, just like Google Reader did? Well, the answer in both scenarios is Tiny Tiny RSS.Tiny Tiny RSS (TT-RSS) is a very simple, no frills RSS reader that you host yourself.By default, TT-RSS isn’t all that pretty, but you can easily make it look really cool, as I have above.I’m using the “Clean GReader” theme, which can be downloaded, along with a few other themes, from the TT-RSS themes page.