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11 Feb

George's trembling fleshy hand, with excess fat overlapping his large ring, then reached underneath the blanket and toward Francis' soft pajama bottoms, a look of confident desire on his corpulent face. He had learned in months past that it wouldn't do any good.

Besides, God had told him, through George, that he was special, that he had a unique connection with the Almighty.

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It seems the TV star’s fun filled family time wasn’t just on Sunday as on Monday he tweeted: ‘Easter hols!So far today my daughter and I have made a tortoise out of masking tape and PVA glue. The year was 1970, and 11-year-old Francis Morrison lay in his bed in the big house at 771 Belhaven St., listening for heavy footsteps, the covers pulled all the way up to his neck, his eyes squeezed tight in pretend sleep.And how do you not cast a single big name in this film? On this week's episode, what is somehow the THREE HUNDREDTH EPISODE of We Hate Movies the guys go big (and obvious) by tackling the terrible Zack Snyder film, 300! PLUS: Laura Linney and Sean Penn star as their Mystic River characters in a Boston-set remake of 300!PLUS: Dutch finds a bunch of predators in his house! Predator" stars Sanaa Lathan, Raoul Bova, Lance Henriksen, and Ewen Bremner; directed by Paul W. 300 stars Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, Dominic West, David Wenham, Michael Fassbender, and Rodrigo Santoro; directed by Zack Snyder.