Porsha dating again

31 Mar

He stated, “Even though it was a rocky road, that was a lesson for me in this life.

I take every experience and take it in stride and know that God has something in store for me.” Also Read: Kordell Stewart Gay – Real Housewives Of Atlanta Appearance, Sexuality Rumors Addressed Mikhaila keeps readers up-to-date with the latest celebrity gossips, new couple alert and the most recent celebrity break-ups.

It seemed at the time she only went to one class and it was filmed.

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While Kenya took a passive approach refusing to engage in a Jerry Springer like brawl when Porsha attacked her on the reunion the previous year, Kandi made it very clear that would not be her response to Porsha. Porsha fled the restaurant as production captured her running out into traffic and running back and forth across the street!

So he ended up getting my phone and posting his picture with a heart. ’ because I was like [I’ve] never been public like this before.” “But then I was like you know what? Oh wait, judging from these photos it appears as though Duke is well aware Porsha is a handful: As a celebrity blogger, I would like to commend Porsha for being considerate enough to get in a serious relationship with a man who has the same last name!

That will make it soooo much easier for us down the road when we’re writing about the Duke and Porsha Bravo spin-off show.

We’re not exactly in a relationship right now, but it’s growing into something.” The blooming star has also shared on RHOA that the new season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” will be dwelling more on her love life.

The facts regarding her first love might be spilled in the upcoming season.