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05 Feb

ה־AV8-B הוא תכנון מחודש של הדגם הקודם, AV-8A/C הרייר, שנעשה על ידי חברת מקדונל דאגלס.

נעשה תכנון מחודש של הכנף והגוף, תא הטייס הוגבה, והוכנסו שיפורים מבניים ואווירודינמיים שונים. בשדרוגים מאוחרים יותר של המטוס, (AV-8B(NA ו־AV8B הרייר 2 פלוס, נוסף מכ"ם ויכולות תקיפה בלילה.

Initial deliveries of the Harrier II were designated in service as Harrier GR5; subsequently upgraded airframes were redesignated accordingly as GR7 and GR9.

Under the Joint Force Harrier organisation, both the RAF and RN operated the Harrier II, including routine operational deployments on board the navy's Invincible class aircraft carriers.

The Harrier II served alongside the Sea Harrier in Joint Force Harrier.

In December 2010, budgetary pressures led to the early retirement of all Harrier IIs from service, at which point it was the last of the Harrier derivatives remaining in British service.

Big problem is we have "computer fever" and a "UAV mind set" in the war rooms.

I am absolutely as disgusted as you at the mindless approaches to the need for tracked Armor and Surveillance.המטוס נמצא בשימוש חיל הנחתים של ארצות הברית, הצי הספרדי, והצי האיטלקי.בריטניה פיתחה דגם משלה של המטוס, שנקרא בריטיש אירוספייס הרייר II. Second, the use of missionized modules enables the introduction of new mission capabilities without reducing current ones or requiring costly and time-consuming modification of the CAT aircraft. First, the CAT would provide a modern, global-range aircraft with standardized performance, basing, support, crew, and training that could offer, through the use of missionized modules, a modernization path for many of today's transport aircraft such as the C-5 airlifter, as well as the E-3 AWACS, KC-135 tanker, E-8C Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS), C-9 aeromedical-evacuation aircraft, and the B-52 bomber.