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18 Feb

Jerry's exasperation, or epiphany involving Newman will cause him to clench his fist and mutter "Newman! Newman has been shown to harbor unrequited romantic feelings for Elaine. Because of his work as a travelling businessman, he speaks Korean.

He invents the holiday Festivus, as a reaction to cultural commercialism of Christmas, and of which George has few fond memories. George's highly obnoxious and melodramatic Jewish mother. George's on-off girlfriend and later fiancée, and the daughter of wealthy parents. that I like women"), partnered with a woman named Mona, and worked for NBC before getting fired, the latter apparently a result of her relationship with George.

He made her a star but she married Robert Silberstein in 1971 to cover up a pregnancy with Gordy.

They divorced in 1977 and she went on a celebrity dating spree of epic proportions.

But even though the showbiz veterans are enjoying the early throes of romance, Ross is taking it slowly with the Midnight Cowboy actor.

Her agent Phil Symes says, "It's still at an early stage.

Ben’s middle name “Géza”, a Hungarian name, was given to him after a Hungarian friend of his parents, who was a Holocaust survivor. Ben is a tenth cousin, once removed, of his friend, actor Matt Damon.

Ben’s paternal nine times great-grandparents, Elizabeth and William Knowlton, of England, were also Matt’s paternal ten times great-grandparents.

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A minor character calls him "Norman" in "The Bottle Deposit", but this is usually assumed to be a mistake on the part of the actress/character, rather than any revelation of Newman's first name.

Certainly too early to say he is the new love of her life.

But they have been on dates which they both enjoyed." » Angelina Jolie's estranged father Jon Voight has reportedly found love with soul diva Diana Ross after the odd couple were introduced by Motown founder Berry Gordy.

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