Dating in sussex uk

18 Feb

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People tell us they are frustrated with internet dating agencies because they found people to be untruthful about their age, weight, height and marital status.

How often have you met someone online or on a night out and realised they are not available to date or want the same things as you do in life?

With our busy lives and lifestyles we have even less time to find love, yet a life long partner surely should not be left to a chance meeting.

We aim to introduce you to your potential life partner who will share your values, goals and aspirations.

This figure is set to rise, as are single person households.Telephone: 02 or complete our enquiry form and submit to us.This service is exclusively for members looking for a long term committed relationship.He signed up to Flame Introductions' matchmaking service and met Jade - she has mild learning difficulties and also works full-time.They got on like a house on fire and are planning their first Christmas together.