Brittney palmer dating

02 Apr

She's done several videos for them lately, so we should all thank Gamma Labs for getting to see more of Miss Palmer.

In the same interview with FC Fighter that was linked earlier, Brittney says that Urijah Faber is a fighter she always roots for, as they both came up together through the WEC and are now in the UFC. It has been confirmed by Dana White and by Brittney herself that she will be coming back to the UFC, and we will see her again in Toronto at UFC 140.

In light of this terrific news, we here at Palmer Report—I mean Bleacher Report—have decided to fill you readers in on 25 things that you need to know about Brittney Palmer.

Without further ado, I give you the 25 things you need to know about UFC ring girl, Brittney Palmer.

On Brittney's website, if you go to look at her paintings, you are greeted by "All Along the Watchtower" by Jimi Hendrix.

That being said, Brittney also likes Frank Sinatra, Bob Marley, the Rolling Stones and more. As you may have guessed from videos earlier on, Brittney is a sponsor for Gamma Labs.

“Brittney Palmer, the octagon girl who came over in the WEC merger, is gone. A few weeks back the word got around that Palmer, the one-time girlfriend of Donald Cerrone, was gone. White got all the twitter and Internet complaints and assured everyone that it was much to do about nothing and she was still there, which calmed people down because to some, this was bigger than getting rid of Fedor and Overeem both.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) ring girl, Brittney Palmer, is still married, even though her husband, Aaron Zalewski, choked her "within an inch of her life" several months ago, according to police records obtained by

No one ever seemed to check the rearview before they did so. Moore, or whoever drove Allen, faced unrelenting constant pressure.

Other motorists were always pulling onto the shoulder.

And the charges of attempted murder, spousal battery and criminal threats will more than likely be dropped if Zalewski "owns what he did and shows contrition." In fact, rather than standing trial and potentially facing time in prison, Zalewski might just have to complete an anger management course.

It sounds like an incredible deal for him, especially if you remember how the domestic incident went down: LAPD says things got physical when they wrestled for her phone -- Zalewski noticed she was recording the argument, and during the struggle he threw Palmer, and she hit her head on a bedpost.