Approach dynamic software updating java

22 Feb

Just the checkpointing and re-reading from disk could take tens of minutes.

With rebootless patching, this disruption is avoided; cf.

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In this post, co-authored with my Ph D student Luís Pina, I take a closer look at the challenge that DSU presents, showing that what Linux will support is still quite far from what we might hope for, but that ideas from the research community promise to get us closer to the ideal, both for operating systems and hopefully for many other applications as well. If in the updated program the entries of a hash table are extended with a timeout field, then a dynamic update needs to convert in-memory hashtable entries to now contain a timeout field; otherwise, when the updated code goes to access that field, it will behave unpredictably.

Or, if the new code uses two threads to perform some functionality which in the old version requires only one thread, then we need to map the existing thread’s stack to an equivalent one for the new code, and start a new thread to handle the extracted functionality.

International Journal of Emerging Trends & Technology in Computer Science (IJETTCS), Volume 3, Issue 2, March – April 2014. W., Gomariz, A., Gueniche, T., Soltani, A., Deng, Z., Lam, H.

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• Building the activity like Complex Planning, New line fault, Sales query, Fault from the DP to customer premises and D-Share. TRAINED IN MAINFRAMES  MAINFRAMES – JCL, VSAM, COBOL, DB2, CICS Project on mainframe: Credit card management system Technical Exposure  Mainframes  SQL  Misillaneous package Strengths  Proven Problem solving skills, good conceptual foundation,attitude for learning new things ,ability to work under pressure and willingness to relocate MAHALAKSHMI KAMEPALLI Academic Records Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering  Sri chundi ranganayakulu engg college, chilakaluripet- Affiliated to JNTUniversity,kakinada  Year of completion:2011  Percentage of marks:67.10% Board Of Intermediate Education  Vidya bharathi junior College, Guntur.

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de connaissances à l'aide du retour d'expérience: application à la maintenance industrielle.