Accommodating employees

18 May

A mom at a suburban YMCA recently reported to employees that she was unnerved to find a teenager who appeared to be male using the women's locker room.

Authorized users don’t have to tell their employers they are taking the drug.

"From (the mother's) perspective, there was a man in the locker room," said Rae Ulrich, senior vice president of marketing for the YMCA of Metro Chicago. There was a transgender individual in the locker room."This situation and a few similar scenarios have spurred the YMCA to craft guidelines for accommodating transgender members and guests, which include allowing them access to restrooms and changing areas that match their gender identity.

The protocol was explained in a letter posted Wednesday on the organization's website.

Individuals may come forward and indicate they require a change in their work environment to allow them to ingest marijuana, which may include smoking it during their work shift.

In such a situation, employers can’t say no, even though the legislation may be clear on the prohibition on smoking in the workplace.“Your immediate response can’t be ‘no’ because the list of medical conditions that might require medical marijuana would be linked into human rights protected disabilities,” says Piccolo.